I’m a professional dog trainer with a Certificate in Training and Counseling (CTC) from The Academy for Dog Trainers.

Hi, I’m Lauren.
Nice to meet you!

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I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, but if you asked me when I was 6 I would have said, “a dog!” 

Although that dream didn’t come true, I now work with dogs on a daily basis and that’s just as amazing.

Lauren and sister Sammi

When I’m not immersed in all things dog training I’m…

Reading a good book.. most likely Stephen King

Relaxing and watching reality TV (don’t judge me) with Willow and Boomer

Traveling anywhere we can with my husband, Connor

Riding Peloton, running or going for a walk through City Park

Hiking or skiing, depending on the season

my goals:

We’ll build a solid foundation of skills and then apply those into your real life. I’ll create a customized training program using my vetted training plans to help guide us towards your real-life goals.

Help you build the life you envision with your dog. 


Puppy raising is beyond stressful. You’re running on no sleep, your hands are sliced to bits, your furniture is chewed up and you’re finding puddles everywhere. I have solutions that you can implement on Day 1, so that you’ll feel immediate relief from common behavior issues.

Give you immediate relief from stress. 


I love the dog part of my job, but I also love connecting with you - the human! I’ll always find the fun and positivity in what we’re training. When you’re doing a great job, I’ll tell you! And I’ll coach you along in a constructive way so that you always feel confident and comfortable.

Have fun!


I’ll do my best to use my education, skills and experience to reach your training goals and get the life you dream of with your puppy.

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My methods are Force-free, humane and backed by modern scientific research.

I use positive reinforcement (R+) or reward-based training, which means I reward behaviors we want more of.

For behaviors we want less of, I will either cancel the reward and try again, or I will purposely train and reward a mutually exclusive behavior in its place.

You won’t see any electronic collars, prongs, choke chains, dominance/alpha theory (it’s been debunked), or any other “tool” that hurts, scares or punishes dogs. 

Afterall, dogs are only with us for so long, so why not train using modern, scientifically-proven, force-free methods?

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