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Crazy puppy driving you wild? Busy schedule with no time to train? Let me jumpstart your puppy training!

While you're at work, or taking the kids to soccer, I'll complete a series of 1-1 private training sessions.

Let's work on socialization, good manners, leash walking, and confidence out in Denver.

wildflower puppy program

puppy training at home (age: under 1 year)

This version of your adult dog isn't what you imagined, or wanted.

Your walks are more frustrating than relaxing. The jumping knocks you on your butt. Life is chaotic.

Let's change that by working together towards a better, calmer, and more ideal life with your dog.

dog training at home (Age: +1 year)

adolescent & adult dog training

Are you freaking out because you’ve decided to adopt a puppy, or just brought her home and feel in over your head?

Let's chat virtually to discuss topics like, puppy socialization, biting, potty training, crate training, and more.

Prior to bringing puppy home

virtual puppy prep

meet Willow, the face of Wildflower Dog Training!

I can help you transform your wildflower into a peaceful member of society using humane and scientifically verified methods.

I’m your Denver Positive reinforcement Dog trainer certified to help you get the life you dream about with your dog.

Hi, I’m Lauren

Share with me your training goals, pain points, and what you visualize your life like with your puppy or dog.

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what clients say:

"Lauren is an incredible trainer. She has been formally trained by experts in her field and it shows in her knowledge and approach. She was very easy to work with, all sessions started in my home where my dog was comfortable and less distracted. Her method for training was easy to practice in between sessions with her detailed directions."

- Laura & Ella

"Lauren was instrumental in training my new puppy. Her program designed specifically for puppies was great for both us and the carryover has been exciting to see. She tailored the training to traits important for us and was an amazing resource for all of my questions as a new dog mom. Jack and I can’t thank Lauren enough for her help!"

- Elie & Jack

- Paige & Ramsey

"My fiance and I got our first puppy and had no idea where to start. Lauren was able to provide us with resources and guidance for us to navigate the first few months. She was easily accessible so I can ask all of my questions and always gave thoughtful and impactful responses. She took away all my fears made the adjustment so much easier!!"

- Missy & Scout

"Lauren helped us integrate our puppy into our multi-dog household. Our older dog has quirks and we wanted to make it a positive transition. She was very patient and took slow, steady steps. She was knowledgeable about behavior and helped us feel at ease with training. We plan to use her again when we need dog training in the future!"

"Lauren was amazing training our rescue Berner, Ella. Ella was so timid and scared it was hard to do any training. Lauren came in with compassion and patience. She provided helpful tips, videos, and homework. It was truly incredible to see Ella's transformation. I would highly recommend Wildflower Dog Training!!"

- Sarah & Ella

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    frequently asked questions

    What should you look for in a dog & puppy trainer?

    Dog training in the United States is an unregulated industry, which means that anyone can open a dog training business. Therefore, it’s very important to look into your potential trainer’s credentials. For starters, a dog trainer should have an education or basic knowledge of animal behavior and learning theory.

    For example, I hold a Certificate in Training and Counseling (CTC) from The Academy for Dog Trainers. I graduated in 2022 with honors. I’m a member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG), and continue my education by attending conferences, webinars, and workshops from leading dog trainers.

    Secondly, dog trainers should understand how to use both operant conditioning and classical conditioning, the cornerstones of dog and puppy training. A competent dog trainer won’t use pain, force, or fear to get an outcome.

    For example, I use positive reinforcement training because it’s ethical, strengthens the dog-guardian bond, and is scientifically proven to be the best method of training. Most importantly, it’s the only approved method of training by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.

    Tips for training your puppy in Denver.

    Because Denver and Colorado can vary between bustling city, sleepy suburbs, and mountain life, it’s extremely important to prioritize puppy socialization.

    Do you plan on taking your adult dog to breweries? Then socializing and training at a place like Improper City might be smart. Do you plan on taking your dog camping in the Rocky Mountains? Slowly introducing your puppy to equipment, tents, and a campfire might be on your socialization checklist.

    Prioritizing puppy socialization in Denver and the surrounding areas would be my first recommendation. Then, training basic obedience and good manners would be my second. 

    I can help with puppy socialization and obedience training in Denver and start you and your puppy off on the right foot. Contact me if you would like to learn more.

    If your puppy, or adolescent dog is experiencing fear, reactivity, or aggression please reach out immediately. Training is of the utmost importance, and timing is imperative.

    I have a Puppy Socialization Program (puppies 8 to 16 weeks old) that will expose your puppy to the city of Denver, people, sounds, and more in a safe way. I also include socialization in my Wildflower Puppy Program (1 year or younger) for puppies still in that developmental stage.

    Teaching foundational skills to start building good manners is important to begin with puppies. Simple tasks such as sitting instead of jumping, chewing toys instead of furniture, peeing outside instead of on the carpet, are all things that you should start working on.

    My Wildflower Puppy Program can help you jumpstart the training for foundational skills. The program is great for working professionals or busy families that would like a certified trainer to do most of the work. I’ll come to your home while you’re at work, or busy with family tasks, and train your puppy one-on-one. You’ll not only get a jumpstart on training, but you’ll be left with a more fulfilled puppy.

    What's positive reinforcement dog & puppy training?

    Positive dog and puppy training refers to the methods of positive reinforcement or reward-based learning. It means that we use good consequences to communicate to a dog that we want more of a specific behavior. 

    For example, if we want the probability to increase of a dog sitting instead of jumping we would reward with a treat, play, or praise every time a dog sits instead of jumps.

    I use this method of training because it’s proven to be the most effective training for dogs’ learning, welfare, and the human-dog bond.

    No breed, dog, or behavioral issues needs a heavy hand, pain, fear, or punishment. 

    When should you start training your puppy?

    I would recommend starting sooner than later. Waiting can perpetuate issues, make unwanted behaviors stronger, fears more prevalent, or you can completely miss the socialization window (between 8-16 weeks of age).

    Socialization should start immediately, and should be a focus every single day until the socialization window closes. Without proper socialization you may end up with a dog who is fearful, reactive, or aggressive.

    Manners or obedience training can start early so that you build good habits and a solid foundation to work from. 

    If you’re unsure where or how to start socialization, good manners, or obedience training contact me and we can put together an achievable plan.

    It’s never too early to start puppy training in Denver!

    Why choose Wildflower Dog Training for your Denver puppy?

    Denver has many dog and puppy trainers to choose from. Unfortunately, dog training is an unregulated industry, which means that anyone can “be” a dog trainer. 

    I have taken the initiative to educate myself in applied animal behavior and plan to continue growing my knowledge base as long as I offer dog training services in Denver. 

    I have a CTC from The Academy for Dog Trainers. I’m a current member of PPG, and THRIVE! I attended the PPG Summit in 2023. And, I continue to educate myself with books and webinars by leading dog trainers in our industry.

    For me, dog and puppy training isn’t a hobby. I consider myself a professional within my field. When choosing Wildflower Dog Training you can be confident that I will use my knowledge and skills to the best of my ability. I will also hold your dog’s well-being as the number one priority throughout our time together.

    Although I cannot guarantee results, I can guarantee that I will train puppies and dogs using ethical, humane, and evidence-based methods. I will try my best to give you relief you need from stress, improve your dog’s well-being, and strengthen your bond.

    What is taught during dog & puppy training?

    You’ll learn how to use positive reinforcement training and reward-based methods. By using these methods we will teach your dog what to do instead of what not to do. 

    We’ll also use force-free methods to change any negative emotions your dog might have, which could be the cause of reactivity, fear, or aggression. 

    You’ll learn how dogs learn: consequences and associations. You’ll learn how to set your dog up for success and how to adjust expectations when your dog gets it wrong. We’ll talk about what reinforcement means and what reinforcers are best for your dog.

    In your first session we’ll define your training goals, which will guide us through your dog or puppy training program. I’ll put together a master plan using vetted training plans to help us reach your goals. Each week we’ll evaluate progress and iterate on the plan if needed.

    My goal in puppy and adult dog training is to help you reach your goals, strengthen your bond, provide you relief from stressors, and improve your dog’s overall well-being.

    How is Wildflower Dogs different from other Denver dog & puppy trainers?

    My puppy training programs are a little different than most trainers in Denver. My program is a hybrid that combines done-for-you training and private one-on-on training to maximize results. It’s a great option for working professionals or busy families who may not have the time or energy to train their puppy or newly adopted dog.

    Instead of scheduling one session per week where I teach you how to train and expect you to do the work, I instead work one-on-one with your puppy while you’re busy and train the foundation for behaviors for you. We will meet at the end of each week so that I can teach you what your puppy has learned, how to practice, and how to use it in real life.

    I love this type of program because it takes the work and stress off of you, and takes advantage of a professional trainer to do most of the work for you.

    I also prioritize field trips throughout the Denver area to train in real life scenarios. Of course, training in the home must be completed first, so field trips are only reserved for those who are ready to take their skills to the real world.

    How much does your Denver dog & puppy training cost?

    My Wildflower Puppy Program is a $1800 investment. It includes the full hybrid program, email support, a personal Google Drive with relevant handouts, homework, session summaries, and videos. Puppy training in Denver is a priority if you would like to raise a socialized, confident, friendly, and responsive dog. 

    My Dog Training Program starts with a $135 goal setting session or consultation. This is where we will discuss your issues, stressors, and training goals. From the conversation I will put together a master plan with vetted training plans to guide us in reaching your goals. 

    Then, I'll recommend a number of sessions that we should complete together. It may be anywhere from 2-6+ sessions. Each session is $135, but discounts are given for session packs above 2.

    Dog and puppy training in Denver is an investment you won’t regret.

    How long are your dog & puppy training programs?

    You can schedule a stand-alone goal setting session ($135), which can be deducted from the total program if you decide to join. However, I would recommend committing to the program from the start. The goal setting session is really designed to be combined with a training program. 

    If you're unsure if this program is for you you are welcome to schedule a 15 minute free discovery call. We can discuss the program, my credentials, and answer any questions you have regarding those two things.

    Or fill out a contact form and send me any questions you have.