Does your dog pull you down the street on walks, jump on your friends, and ignore you when you call?

I can relate to all of those things, and can help!

We can change behavior using positive reinforcement training, and turn sour emotions to happy ones!

let's change your dog's behavior and emotions in a positive way.


complete      1    consultation, then receive a customized training package based on your goals & needs.

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After the consultation, you'll receive a recommended training plan & session package to purchase. Then, training begins!

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You'll also receive:

Customized training plan

Homework & summaries of training sessions

Google Drive with notes, handouts, & videos 

The initial consultation is $135.

Management strategies to relieve stress from behavior issues

Email support (during & 30 days after)

When you commit to a plan

Based on your goals, the severity of the behavioral issues, and other factors, I may recommend:

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client reviews

"Lauren helped us integrate our puppy into our multi-dog household. She was knowledgeable about behaviors to look for and helped us feel completely at ease with training them together. We plan to use her again when we have dog training needs in the future!"

- missy & joe h.

"Lauren was instrumental in training my new puppy. Her program designed specifically for puppies was great and the carryover has been exciting to see. She tailored the training to us and was an amazing resource for all of my questions as a new dog mom. Jack and I can’t thank Lauren enough for her help!"

- Elie n.

My fiance and I got our first puppy and had no idea where to start. Lauren provided us with great resources and guidance for us to navigate the first few months of having a puppy. She was easily accessible so I can ask all of my questions and always gave thoughtful and impactful responses. She completely took away all my fears about getting a new puppy and made the adjustment so much easier!! Would recommend Lauren to anyone!!

- Paige n.

frequently asked questions

What type of obedience and manners training do you do?

We can work on the basics, like sit, down, stay, leave it, drop it, "come," or leash manners.

We can also work on changing behavior for real life scenarios such as jumping on guests, pulling on leash, barking at the window, house training, or crate training.

My dog has leash reactivity, can we work on that?

Yes. We'll work on management strategies to prevent the behavior from happening, and also teach you and
your dog the skills needed to change their behavior and also their emotions.

My dog is fearful of things, can you help?

Fear is difficult to change, but isn't impossible. Book a discovery call so that we can chat about what fear your dog is exhibiting, so that I can determine if I would be the best trainer for you or if a referral would be more beneficial.

What methods and tools do you use?

I am a positive reinforcement trainer, which means my methods are all force-free, fear-free, and evidence-based. I don't use prong, choke, or electric collars. If you currently use any of these tools we can have a discussion about the risks and fear these tools can cause. I don't allow the use of aversive tools in my training.

let's chat and get to know each other.

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